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Openly Gay Massage Therapists Go Universal

Openly Gay Massage Therapists Go Universal  If you think gay massage therapists cater only to gay men, think again. The popularity of massage therapy is at an all-time high, which comes as no surprise since it’s been known to do the body good for millennia. But how’s this for a surprise? On a playing field where massage therapy has moved up in rank as reputable business, openly gay men are standing front and center in the competitive world. Board-certified, licensed, registered, it makes no difference. They all mean business, and their satisfied clients are extolling the benefits loud and clear. Sound intriguing? Keep reading. If you’re a straight guy who suffers any homophobic angst about it, free yourself from out-dated fear and commit this to memory: Gay massage therapy is not synonymous with gay sex. And don’t be fooled about whether or not you’ll get a he-man workout; he won’t pull any punches when it’s time to knuckle down on those angst-induced kinks. Straight men benefit from safe and rewarding massages under...Read more >

Sitges Resort For Alternative Lifestyles in Costa Rica

Sitges Resort For Alternative Lifestyles in Costa RicaLocated on the Costa Dorada, Sitges is wildly popular among the southern Europe resorts, particularly with gay tourists. It gets very crowded during the summer, and most of the tourists at this time are young swinging Europeans. Yet Sitges never gets tacky, as so many gay-oriented resorts do. Instead, Sitges is a city rich with culture and Bohemian ideals. The Spanish modernismo movement sprang from the artists and craftsmen here, and Sitges still is at the core of much of Spain’s arts. Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca both visited here during the heyday of Sitges, which ended abruptly with the Spanish Civil War. Sitges is still a city of art, but it has never regained its prior prestige. In addition to its rich heritage, Sitges is convenient to Barcelona (a 30-minute train trip or 45-minute drive).  What to Do  The Carnaval of Sitges, just before Lent, is a kaleidoscope of fancy dress, feathers and sequins, and vibrant floats. The King of the Carnestoltes starts the party on...Read more >

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